Our Collaborations - Arthritis Action

Arthritis Action has worked with several organisations around the country to help us achieve our aim of helping as many people affected by arthritis as possible. Below is a list of the organisations that we have worked with, and the impact that we have achieved by working together.

If your organisation would like to partner with us and help support people living with arthritis across the UK, please contact us by emailing info@arthritisaction.org.uk.


Oomph! Wellness


Oomph! Wellness was established to improve the quality of life for older people through exercise and activities.

Arthritis Action partnered with Oomph! Wellness to develop a three stage arthritis-friendly strength programme focused on improving mobility and function for those with Osteoarthritis of the hips, knees or spine. As part of their wider Oomph! Sport England project, these exercises were also used to train instructors to deliver exercise programmes in exercise class and community settings. A selection of these exercises are now available on our exercise page, these resources are currently being delivered to help people better manage their arthritis by improving the strength of their joints.


As part of the Oomph! Sport England project, in 2019 there were:

  • 303 venues running Oomph! classes
  • 630 instructors trained to run classes for people living with arthritis in community settings
  • An average of 6 sessions per venue were delivered per month
  • An average of 12 residents attending each session
  • 3,333 participants who used Arthritis Action’s resources, and strength and conditioning exercises



Sussex MSK Partnership East:


Sussex MSK Partnership East is the NHS organisation that manages the care and treatment of patients with bone, joint and muscle conditions (or MSK for short). The service also provides care and support for rheumatology patients and those with chronic pain.

Arthritis Action works closely with their Patient Director to provide support to arthritis patients in East Sussex. This partnership previously brought to life a series of hugely successful patient workshops – Living Well with Less Pain. Our Dietitian also attends their patient forum regularly, speaking about how the charity could support the organisation’s self-management needs.


As part of the Living Well with Less Pain patient events:

  • Hundreds of people attended the events and enjoyed the workshops
  • 92% of attendees who provided feedback would recommend the event
  • 75% of attendees believed they understood their condition better after the event
  • 79% believed they had been helped to deal with their condition
  • 90% left feeling more confident in their exercise
  • 66% felt more motivated to change their diet or lose weight
  • 64% felt more confident to deal with their pain



Home Instead


Home Instead trains and provides professional caregivers to help older people in their day to day lives, many of whom have arthritis.

Arthritis Action worked with Home Instead to train and teach their carers about arthritis, how its symptoms can affect ageing people, and how they can help their clients live better with arthritis.


Arthritis Action successfully trained Home Instead’s Managing Director, Terry Cheung, on how to help support people living with arthritis.

Further Home Instead carers are to be trained, and presentations are to be given by Terry Cheung on arthritis and caregiving, later in 2020.






10Today is a Sport England and Anchor Hanover backed project Developed and hosted by DEMOS. It aims to provide 10 minutes of easy daily exercise every day, broadcast on radio and online, designed to get you moving whatever your age.

Arthritis Action’s Therapies Manager & Exercise Lead, David Vaux, worked within the 10Today steering committee during their pilot stage to provide expert advice on arthritis-friendly exercises and the benefits of keeping active while living with arthritis.


Assessment is ongoing as to the impact of our partnership during the pilot stage.







Tonus is currently designing products to help adults with mobility issues in their lower limbs. Their product line will include knee braces, compression leggings, trekking poles and ski passive exo-equipment which will provide the wearer with improved mobility.

Arthritis Action is working with Tonus to pilot their products among our members, sharing feedback on the products from people living with mobility and joint issues.


As part of the Tonus pilot scheme, there were:

  • 6 additional testers for Tonus products directly secured through Arthritis Action
  • 95% of those piloting the products had an appreciation of the overall product idea
  • Pilot results indicated that users living from arthritis found a 20% load reduction useful for them