Oven-baked Sweet Potato Frittata - Arthritis Action

Oven-baked Sweet Potato Frittata



6 medium eggs
30ml/2 tablespoons semi-skimmed milk
1 red onion
1 red pepper
1 medium sweet potato
1/2tsp smoked paprika
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon grated parmesan
Black pepper to taste

Recipe Summary

Eggs are a great fast food. They are rich in protein, vitamin D, vitamin A and iodine. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and recent studies have been looking at whether it can help slow the progression of cartilage loss in osteoarthritis, although results have been mixed.

The advice used to suggest that people should limit the number of eggs they eat each week. However there is no need to worry as the cholesterol in them will not increase your likelihood of heart disease. Besides eggs are an important part of a healthy diet.

A frittata is a tasty way to use up things in your fridge and, if you oven bake it, you can get on with other things whilst it cooks. You can vary the vegetables depending on what you have to hand; any root or mediterranean vegetables roast well. You could also try courgettes, carrots, potatoes or baby tomatoes. Pre-chopped or frozen vegetables work well if you find cutting things up tricky; I’ve used frozen cauliflower, peppers and butternut squash successfully.


Cut the unpeeled sweet potato into rough cubes. Slice the red pepper and peel and quarter the red onion. Put the vegetables in a medium sized oven proof dish and pour over the olive oil. Add the smoked paprika and give everything a bit of a stir to ensure it is evenly coated.

Put the dish in the oven and cook the vegetables for 25-30 minutes at 180C/375F, stirring them halfway through.

In a jug, beat together the eggs with the milk and season with black pepper (if you have a little, light milk frother, this is perfect for the job).

Remove the vegetables from the oven and pour the egg mixture over them. Top with the grated parmesan. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the eggs are set and the top is golden.

Nutrition Information
Nutritional values for 1 serving (based on 2)  
Energy 357kcal
Carbohydrate 22.6g
Sugars 10.8g
Protein 21.7g
Total fat 22.3g
Saturated fat 6.4g
Fibre 4.3g
Salt 0.88g

FFQ Information
Food Group Food item
POTATOES other (will need to write sweet potato in)
EGGS AND DAIRY Eggs, boiled, scrambled or omelettee

No need to count the others as they will be of minimal qualities when the recipe is divided into one serving.