Self-Management - Arthritis Action


What is Self-Management?

Self-management of arthritis, put simply, is managing your condition yourself using a variety of methods to address both the physical and mental impacts of arthritis. Arthritis affects people differently, so each individual can choose the techniques that help them live a fuller, more active life whilst living with the condition.

According to our recent YouGov study, involving 2,120 people with arthritis of working age in Great Britain, 4 out of 5 people (86%) who have tried a self-management technique found at least one of them useful.

Arthritis Action is the UK charity giving hands-on, practical help to improve the quality of life of people affected by arthritis. We support people living with musculoskeletal conditions through healthy eating advice, mental health resources, pain management techniques, Online Groups, and exercise advice and resources.

Read our information on all aspects of self-management by downloading our Self-Management Leaflet (opens pdf).

YouGov Research Image - Week 1 - Fri 17