Our Impact - Arthritis Action

Our Impact

The Difference We Make

As the pandemic continues to affect people, organisations and charities across the globe, we have had to constantly respond to rapid changes and uncertainty throughout the year. With increasing NHS waiting times and lockdowns affecting over 5 million people waiting for surgery or to be seen by their healthcare practitioner, demand for charity support has vastly increased. We are very proud to have provided vital services to people living with arthritis and to those who have been affected by the delays.

We are very pleased to have continued to offer individualised support to our Members. We have successfully organised over 150 Group meetings and events this year, with over 800 people in attendance. We have also provided much-needed telephone support to more than 3,000 people this year, and have reached an audience of 33.7 million through our PR efforts and media coverage.

To learn more about our impact, have a read through our 2021 Impact Report (or click on the below image which will open a pdf).