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Candida's story

Long-time Arthritis Action Member Candida Doyle, former keyboard player of Sheffield band Pulp, talks about her personal journey as a musician with arthritis, since receiving her diagnosis as a teenager.


Charlotte's story

Forty-year-old Charlotte Walker, a Member of Arthritis Action, opens up about her arthritis on the 22nd World Arthritis Day, on 12th October 2017. She was diagnosed with osteoarthritis at the age of 34, and was subsequently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility.

Professor Brain with Members Jennifer and Jean

Jenny's story

Our London-based Member Jennifer McKenzie was diagnosed with arthritis in 2002. Watch her video to find out how Jenny applied self-management to manage the symptoms of her arthritis.

Mr Penny 2

John's story

John Penny, a Member since February 2016, was impressed to discover physical exercise would be something he enjoyed, let alone have such a positive impact on his life with arthritis!

Members Vera and Stella

Vera & Stella's story

Vera and Stella were brought together as Members of  the Kent Group, where they developed a strong friendship, beyond supporting each other through their experience of arthritis.

Tom Roberts

Tom's story

Tom Roberts, diagnosed with arthritis in his 40s, discovered self-management and hasn’t looked back since. Watch the inspirational video, of how he turned his perspective around and regained a positive outlook, for a happier life.

Leigh Walmsley image

Leigh's story

Volunteer and Member Leigh, is a Paralympic Archer who competed in the London 2012 Games representing Team GB. Leigh shares her experience of an early diagnosis of arthritis, and the impact it has had on her life.


Sue's story

Running Enthusiast Sue, aged 65, tells us about living with arthritis for almost 30 years and how her hobby keeps her positive while managing the symptoms of arthritis.


Mort's story

Mort, 70, reveals the huge impact of being diagnosed with osteoarthritis and how a sense of community has opened his eyes to living a full, happier life with his arthritis.


Paula's Story

Paula, tells her story of living with arthritis while caring for her newborn, and how self-management techniques have helped her reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Josh Quigley

Josh's Story

Cyclist Josh was diagnosed with arthritis aged 28, but remained determined to stay active and continue pushing himself to achieve extraordinary things.


Richard's Story

Richard reveals how keeping fit and carefully managing his surroundings has helped him manage his arthritis and maintain a healthy, happy life, 20 years after his initial diagnosis.

Leslie's Story

Leslie's Story

Arthritis Action member and travel-enthusiast Leslie discusses how he has adapted to living with arthritis and doesn’t let his diagnosis hold him back.

Jack Martin

Jack's Story

Jack has lived with arthritis for over 30 years, and has learnt how to self-manage his symptoms for a healthier, happier life.

Tanya Marwaha Image

Tanya's Story

20-year-old Tanya shares how speaking about her musculoskeletal conditions with like-minded individuals helped her to take back control and manage her conditions.

Jack Gaskin

Jack's Story

39-year-old Jack shares his arthritis journey, from a difficult diagnosis to learning to accept himself and his condition.

Ivor's Story

Ivor's Story

Ivor challenged himself to complete a monumental 200 mile bike tour in 5 days as a way to manage his arthritis and open up his horizons again.

Dasha Karzunina Image

Dasha's Story

29 year old Dasha discusses her difficult diagnosis journey as a young adult living with arthritis.

Lucy Morley Williams Image 1

Lucy's Story

Lucy found it difficult to maintain the same quality of life after being diagnosed with arthritis, but found like-minded people to share her story and experiences with through Arthritis Action.

Cat Berry

Cat's Story

Cat found it difficult to be diagnosed with arthritis during the Covid-19 lockdown, but quickly learnt to take control of her condition and self-manage her symptoms.

Helen Castanheira-Butler Image

Helen's Story

Helen was diagnosed with arthritis by chance during a regular asthma appointment, and quickly learnt how important it can be to keep active and healthy while living with arthritis.

Steven Eyre

Steven's Story

Steven lives with arthritis in his spine, but has learnt to decrease his pain levels and reduce fatigue through healthy eating and staying active.

Glynis Freeman 1

Glynis' Story

Glynis had lived with some form of arthritis since she was 18, but over the years has learnt the best ways that work for her to manage her condition and live a healthier life.

Sarah Vickerstaff

Sarah's Story

Sarah first noticed arthritis symptoms in her 30s before learning the little things she can do for herself to improve her health and reduce painful symptoms.

Matt Myles Brown

Matt's Story

Matt had a difficult time explaining his gout to others when diagnosed at 18, but over time has found learnt to manage his condition and live the life he wants.


Dipesh's Story

Dipesh started experiencing pain when he was 26. He discovered relief from his arthritis symptoms when he learnt how to swim as an adult, and discovered self-management.