Media Enquiries - Arthritis Action

Arthritis Action provides comments on news about arthritis and other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

We can offer quotes, statements, interviews, case studies and other information from a panel of experts including health professionals.

Also, we can provide information on our latest news and campaigns.

Please get in touch with us at:


Telephone Number:  020 3781 7120

We appreciate the support we receive from the press and media. By working with the media we aim to:

  • Provide factual information about arthritis to the general public and bust myths about the condition
  • Raise awareness amongst people living with arthritis on the benefits of self-management
  • Highlight the impact of arthritis which affects over 10 million people in the UK each day.

Editor Notes

Founded in 1942, Arthritis Action is the UK charity offering an integrated self-management approach, to help address the physical and mental health symptoms of living with arthritis.

Our self-management approach encompasses a wide array of services, including personal dietary and nutritional advice, and access to clinical appointments with approved practitioners. We also offer people in various communities the opportunity to take part in self-management events and regional groups. Through our approach, we help people with arthritis gain the knowledge and confidence to manage their condition themselves and enjoy a more active life with less pain.