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Our Podcast covers a wide range of topics to help people living with arthritis, and those caring for them. In each episode, our host Marc Williams talks to members of the Charity, its staff and various experts and healthcare professionals. We launch a new episode on the first day of the month. Check back here or subscribe to our channel on your favourite podcast player.


New: Season 3

Episode 1: Getting the Most out of your Medical Appointment

Welcome to season 3 of our podcast! In this first episode Marc talks to Jake Fretwell from the St Mary’s Surgery in Ely about how to get the most out of your medical appointments including describing your symptoms, making a plan of action and who else you may be referred to in the surgery.


Episode 2: How Other Conditions can Affect your Arthritis

In this episode Marc speaks to Dr Giles Hazan, a GP with Extended Reach in Musculoskeletal Medicine at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, to discuss managing arthritis alongside other conditions, how they may impact on each other and how you and your doctor can best manage these.


Episode 3: Arthritis and Cultural Barriers

In this episode of our podcast, Marc talks to Elizabeth Takyi, a podcast presenter, lecturer, neurodiversity storyteller, and Arthritis Action Trustee. The pair discuss Elizabeth’s own experience of arthritis, some of the stigma surrounding it within her community, and how perceptions of health conditions can be culturally linked.


Episode 4: Parenting with Arthritis

In this episode Marc and Terry are joined by Arthritis Action Group attendee and friend of the charity Sophie Krank to talk about her experiences and challenges of being a parent with arthritis.


Season 2

Episode 1: You Have Arthritis, So What’s Next? 

Marc, Terry and Leah kick things off with a chat about getting an arthritis diagnosis. They discuss available therapies, how to speak to your GP and where to find available services.


Episode 2: Cooking with Arthritis

Marc is joined by Emily Johnson, aka the Arthritis Foodie. Marc and Emily discuss how people living with arthritis can benefit from good nutrition. Emily also shares her tips and tricks when it comes to cooking, and discusses her new book ‘Eat Well with Arthritis: Over 85 delicious recipes from Arthritis Foodie’.

Episode 3: How Arthritis Affects Your Social Life

Marc speaks to Arthritis Action volunteer Vanya Spasova. Vanya discusses how receiving a diagnosis at an early age has affected her personal life, academic pursuits, hobbies, and social activities.

Episode 4: What Can People In Pain Do About It?

Katherine Dyer, Pain Service Lead Nurse at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, joins Marc to discuss types of pain, the difficulties pain may bring in people with long-term conditions, how to manage it, and what help and support is available.

Episode 5: Young Adults with Arthritis

Leah, Terry and Marc discuss the challenges and limitations faced by young adults with arthritis in four key areas (work and university; social life; travelling; family life), as well as adjustments to help overcome these.

Episode 6: How Talking Therapies Can Help with Chronic Pain

In this episode Marc talks to Dr Sarah Watts, Clinical Director of the NHS Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Talking Therapies Service about what talking therapies are and how they can help people with long term pain conditions to come to terms with their diagnosis, as well as learn how to deal with unhelpful thoughts.

Episode 7: The Unusual Ways they Used to Treat Arthritis

Marc talks to Arthritis Action’s Medical Advisor Dr Wendy Holden, Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist at North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They discuss some of the unbelievable ways that people used to treat arthritis in the past, from radioactive materials, to high powered hoses, to injecting gold.

Episode 8: Arthritis and Pets

Marc and Leah talk to Catherine Trowmans, a practicing Registered Veterinary Nurse and owner of Happy Paws Pet Services in Ely. We discuss taking care of a pet when you have arthritis, as well as taking care of a pet that has arthritis!

Episode 9: Arthritis and Artificial Intelligence

Marc speaks to Dr Nicholas Fuggle, Associate Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Southampton, and the Alan Turing Institute Clinical AI Interest Group co-organiser. They discuss the role artificial intelligence (AI) currently plays in the research and treatment of arthritis, and how it could be applied in the future of healthcare.

Episode 10: Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates for Arthritis

Marc speaks to Dan Rebolledo and Helena Dickin, Chartered Physiotherapists from South Coast Rx Physiotherapy. They discuss how seeing a physiotherapist can be beneficial to those living with arthritis, and how adding pilates into your programme can help increase your strength, mobility and reduce your pain levels.


Winter Special: Keeping Warm in Winter

In this Winter special, Marc, Leah and Terry discuss how to keep warm at this time of year, sharing tips on managing your arthritis including heating your home and self, food and gadgets to help beat the chills. Make a donation here


Season 1

Episode 1: Planning and Pacing


Episode 2: Work and Arthritis 


Episode 3: Exercise and Activity


Episode 4: Communication


Episode 5: Everyday Life with Arthritis


Episode 6: Nutrition and Arthritis


Episode 7: What I Wish I Had Known About Arthritis


Episode 8: The Importance of Setting Goals


Episode 9: Pain and Arthritis


Episode 10: Emotional Wellbeing


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