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Arthritis Action hosts a series of webinars, exploring aspects of living with arthritis and managing the condition, aimed at people with arthritis and professionals.

The Webinars bring experts together, and provide the opportunity for the general public to directly ask their questions online.


Latest Webinar: 19 February: ‘Dietary Management of Gout: Science or Fiction?’

Next date to be confirmed soon.


You can view all our past events and videos on our Youtube channel here.


Dietary Management of Gout: Science or Fiction?

It’s widely accepted that limiting or omitting purine-rich foods will help lower the incident of a gout attack, but is this supported by science? In this webinar, gout expert Dr Lorraine Watson discuss what gout is and guide us through the current evidence on nutrition and gout. Lorraine is joined by Martin Lau, Services Manager & Dietitian at Arthritis Action. Speakers: Dr Lorraine Watson   BSc (Hons) MSc PhD RD FHEA Lorraine is a practising HCPC registered Dietitian, with over 20 years of experience working as a clinical Dietitian within the NHS.  Lorraine works as a Research Fellow based in the School of Medicine and the Centre for Musculoskeletal Health Research at Keele University, which is renowned for its world leading arthritis research. In her PhD research project Lorraine investigated quality of life and gout flares in people living with gout in a primary care study.  More recently Lorraine’s post-doctoral research, funded by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research, has involved developing a new way of supporting people with gout to change their lifestyle. Lorraine’s work has been published in scientific journals and book chapters, and she has also co-authored national guidelines for different clinical conditions, including gout. Martin Lau, Services Manager & Dietitian Martin was a Senior Dietitian in the NHS prior to joining Arthritis Action. He runs the Arthritis Action dietetic clinics in London and online and also facilitates our online exercise programme for Members. Martin is particularly interested in eating patterns, nutrients’ interactions, weight management and persistent pain management in people living with arthritis.

Arthritis and the Gut

Dr Wendy Holden, Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist and Medical Advisor to Arthritis Action, and Martin Lau, Dietitian and Services Development Manager, talk about gut health and its role in relation to arthritis medication.

Arthritis & Anxiety

Arthritis Action's Medical Advisor & Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist, Dr Wendy Holden, discusses anxiety & arthritis and look at practical ways of managing it including mindfulness, exercise, hypnotherapy, talking therapies and medication. Joining the conversation are Heather Baumohl-Johnson, Arthritis Action’s Director of Services & Operations and a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Leah Boylan, Engagement & Events Manager.

Pain Explained - Medication, Management and More

The experience of pain is often felt by people who live with a long-term condition, and arthritis is no exception. Three panellists chat about how pain works and various ways to alleviate pain: Katherine Dyer, Lead Nurse and Matron at the Pain Management Service, Norfolk & Norwich (NHS) University Hospital Trust; Wendy Holden, Medical Advisor to Arthritis Action and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist; and Heather Baumohl-Johnson, Director of Services and Operations and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Home Strength Exercises for Arthritis

In this webinar, the charity's Dietitian and Services Development Manager Martin Lau explains why strengthening our muscles is important when we live with arthritis, and go through a few simple exercises that you can do in your own home. Hosted by Arthritis Action's Communication Officer, Eoin Buckley.

Arthritis and Podiatry

Dr Richard Wilkins, a clinical academic podiatrist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, shares his knowledge of podiatry for people living with arthritis. David Vaux, Therapies Manager and Exercise Lead at Arthritis Action, will be joining the discussion and asking questions from both people living with arthritis and those working in the industry. Hosted by Arthritis Action Communications Officer Eoin Buckley.

Arthritis and Surgery - a Professional and Patient Perspective

Professor John Skinner, an Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, will be giving his professional perspective on surgery for people with arthritis, while Arthritis Action Trustee Sarah Vickerstaff will discuss her own experience of surgery. Dr Wendy Holden, Consultant Rheumatologist and Arthritis Action’s Medical Advisor, will be joining the conversation along with team member Eoin Buckley.

Arthritis and Yoga

Presented by Arthritis Action’s Services Development Manager and Dietitian Martin Lau and Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Tracy Weare. The webinar explores the benefits of yoga for people living with arthritis, also including a 30′ practical chair-based yoga session, followed by a Q&A session by the audience on the day.

Dieting and Eating with Arthritis

What should you eat to manage your Arthritis? Dietitian and Arthritis Action Services Development Management Martin Lau speaks to fellow Dietitian and Field Doctor co-founder, Sasha Watkins, to discuss the links between arthritis and what we eat.

Parenting, Pregnancy & Arthritis

The webinar discusses the journey of pregnancy and parenting for people living with arthritis; covering topics such as: medication, appointments and flare-up planning. Presented by Arthritis Action's Director of Services & Operations Heather Baumohl-Johnson and Consultant Rheumatologist and Arthritis Action’s Medical Advisor Dr Wendy Holden. The team is joined by first-time mum living with arthritis, Kirsty Dilley.

How Hand Therapy can Help Manage your Arthritis

Presented by Arthritis Action’s Dietitian and Services Development Manager, Martin Lau with guest speaker Sarah Mee, Consultant Hand Therapist with Chelsea and Westminster Regional Hand and Wrist Unit. The webinar explored hand therapy and how it can help manage symptoms of arthritis in the hands.

Unlocking Exercise - Barriers and Benefits

Presented by the Charity’s Dietitian Martin Lau, Director of Services & Operations Heather Baumohl-Johnson, and Osteopath and Exercise Lead David Vaux, the webinar discusses the barriers and benefits to exercise, including weight management, community engagement, helping your immune system, and mental wellbeing.

Rheumatoid Arthritis - All You Need To Know

Presented by our CEO Shantel Irwin, and our Medical Advisor Dr Wendy Holden, Consultant Rheumatologist at North Hampshire Hospitals. The webinar looks at all aspects of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, including diagnosis, treatment, and diet.

Arthritis & Mental Health

Clinical Hypnotherapist Heather Baumohl-Johnson and Dietitian & Member Services Manager Martin Lau discuss the effects of arthritis on your mental health and how you can bets manage it.

Understand Arthritis: What You Need To Know

Our Medical Advisor and Consultant Rheumatologist, Dr Wendy Holden, speaks to Heather Baumohl-Johnson about all things arthritis.

Understanding & Managing Pain

Our Therapies Manager, David Vaux talks to Heather Baumohl-Johnson about understanding arthritis pain and how to manage it.

Is there a role for diet in managing arthritis?

Arthritis Action's Dietitian, Martin Lau, explains the role diet plays in managing the symptoms of arthritis.

Managing Arthritis Pain in a Pandemic

A webinar about managing arthritis pain, presented by Arthritis Action's Communications Officer Eoin Buckley. Consultant Rheumatologist & Arthritis Action Medical Advisor Dr Wendy Holden, and Therapies Manager & Exercise Lead, Osteopath David Vaux, share insights on living with pain throughout the pandemic.

Is there a topic about arthritis that isn’t covered in the above webinars that you’d be interested to learn more about?

Visit our Resource Centre for more information on how you can manage your arthritis, or email us at info@arthritisaction.org.uk with your suggestions for future webinar topics.