What Our Members Say - Arthritis Action

Feedback from our Members and other people who watch our webinars, listen to our podcasts and visit our website is really important to us.  Here is a small selection of what people say about our services and resources.

The Arthritis Action Online Groups have been a lifeline to me. During the lockdowns it enabled me to connect with people and feel less isolated. It’s great to chat with other people. To share advice and tips. The webinars have been very useful and informative. I like how links are left to follow up on advice given. Thank you for keeping us informed.


Although I have good family and social interaction I felt isolated when it came to discussing with understanding what it was actually like to be living on a day-to-day basis with osteoarthritis. The Online Groups bring together people from all walks of life, and for me has helped me to come to terms with having osteoarthritis and also has helped me to build a better pathway for the future.


Thanks for a very informative, helpful, friendly and positive phone call.
Since speaking to you I have found one of my son’s old footballs mouldering under his bed and have tried the squeeze exercise. I will keep it by my desk to do everytime I go on the computer. He’ll never miss it!
I tried the balance exercise using hand weights of 2kg. My ankles stood up to it with a bit of wobble. I did the bird dog and used the 2kg weight for the outstretched arm. Oof! Thinking about how to incorporate more protein in my diet. Told my husband that we need as many sunny holidays as possible. He seems keen on that medicine!
I can’t remember what the Arthritis Action membership cost but crikey I’ve had my money’s worth with the call from Terry and an hour with you today.


I have listened to the Podcast (Planning & Pacing) and enjoyed it as it was well presented and had lots of information in it.
I would also say that the Podcast to me falls nicely into the “motivationally” category and is of the format that could be listened to time and time again to keep people on the right track.


This organisation is amazing. Just booked my phone appointment to talk about the next stage of my strength training programme they’re supporting me with. They’ve also enabled me to access osteopathy I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford. They’re also just lovely supportive people.


I’ve just watched one of your webinar videos, ‘Pain Explained’ with Katherine Dyer and was overcome with emotion and gratitude that they “get it” and had such helpful comments. I have felt so isolated because my sister seems to think I’m “making it up”.
I didn’t know who to contact to thank for this webinar. Please could you pass on my heartfelt gratitude. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have found Arthritis Action.
I’m grateful to you too for your human touch in your emails to me today.


I have been doing the exercise with my arms crossed and have gradually built up to 15 reps. Thank you for the tip.

Thank you and the rest of the staff at Arthritis Action for your support and the useful information on the website. It has made a big difference to me.


I really enjoy being a Member and love the magazine that comes out later in the year. Thank you for the help you have given me. My knee is not inflamed and my pains levels are at a minimum.

I use Clifford Lomas (my Associated Practitioner) throughout the year and find the treatments he gives excellent. He is fantastic. Also, the subsidised appointments are a great help financially to me. I am very grateful to have found Arthritis Action.