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Arthritis Action Groups

Arthritis Action Groups give people the opportunity to meet others living with arthritis in their local community.

They are a great way to share your hints, tips and experiences with others who understand the impact arthritis can have on your daily life.

The meetings focus on discussion around topics related to the self-management of arthritis from eating well to mental health. Specialist speakers are also invited along to share information about local services and referral pathways.

We run over 20 regular Groups across the country, with scope to expand and reach new areas. To view all upcoming events, visit our Events Calendar.

We also host a number of online Online Groups, which are held over the internet rather than in a specific location. These Groups are ideal for anyone who wants to attend one of our useful Group meetings but would struggle to physically attend one.

To find your nearest Group or for more information, please contact or telephone 020 3781 7120.