Equality, Diversity & Inclusion - Arthritis Action


Equality, diversity and inclusion are central to everything we do at Arthritis Action. We aim to celebrate the diversity of people affected by arthritis, and to support everyone to overcome the barriers to their inclusion and participation in society.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategic priorities are:

  • To support diverse communities through our services and partnerships with external organisations
  • To continue to build a diverse and inclusive culture within the organisation
  • To embed diversity across our governance and leadership to ensure inclusion is a core part of our decision making
  • To challenge racism and discrimination in our work internally and externally
  • To work collaboratively across the charity and with other organisations to identify areas of needs and develop services that have a real impact
  • To promote equality and inclusion internally and externally
  • To continue to learn, improve and implement best practices in equality and inclusion
  • To deepen our understanding of the needs of diverse communities to further advance our work and increase our impact

We are committed to making a bigger impact in this area by working with our staff, Trustees and partners to reach more diverse communities affected by arthritis throughout the UK.