Kickups Challenge - Arthritis Action

We are kicking off our 80th Anniversary activities with the #kickupschallenge, a challenge event on social media.

Arthritis affects over 10 million people in the UK, but simple exercises and keeping your muscles active is shown to help decrease pain and improve function. To spread awareness of the importance of keeping healthy, we are challenging you to show us your kick-up skills and nominate your friends to help spread the word.

To take part in the #kickupschallenge, all you have to do is:

  • Film yourself doing kick-ups. How many and how you do them is up to you!
  • Nominate two friends to do the same
  • Post your video on social media, using the hashtag #kickupschallenge


Our Young Adult Researcher Miles Norton-Cuffy kicked off the challenge on 12th January:


Check back here and visit our Facebook page for exciting videos, updates and more information during the challenge in January!




If you have any ideas about fundraising, or want to take part in our activities, you can drop us a line at