Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee - Arthritis Action

Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee

2 June 2022

Her Majesty The QueenFor the first time ever in British history we are celebrating a monarch’s Platinum Jubilee. This is a great opportunity to thank Her Majesty for over 70 years of leadership of the UK and Commonwealth.

The Queen, as she’s said in her own words, has dedicated her life to service, which has included supporting charities. We were very honoured and touched to receive a letter from the Queen this year, congratulating us on our 80th anniversary!

In her letter the Queen stated that she was impressed to learn of the range of services which we offer to people living with musculoskeletal conditions and the support we provided during Covid-19. She added her “warm thanks” and wished us success with our 80 Faces Campaign and a memorable and enjoyable year.

We feel privileged to celebrate our own milestone in the same year as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Looking back over these long decades society, technology, the economy and our health service have radically changed. However, the Queen and charities like Arthritis Action provide a sense of purpose and certainty and offer support and compassion to those who need it.

Picture credit:  Jacob King/PA Wire/PA Images.