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10 Today


10 Today is a set of video and audio routines available to follow online, on the radio and on Amazon Alexa. Designed by and for older people, this free resource supports balance, flexibility and strength to improve functional fitness for everyday life. The 10-minute sessions are fun and adaptable to different fitness levels and can be done either standing up or sitting down. Regular spells of physical activity can also help to boost mood, energy levels and wellbeing. Tune into series 1 and 2 now.

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Age UK

Age UK is the UK’s leading charity for older people. As well as offering a free, confidential advice line, information guides and and a comprehensive website, there are more than 125 local Age UK charities across the UK, many of which run exercise classes. To find your local Age UK and see what exercise classes and physical activities they offer, simply enter your postcode in the search bar provided via their website.

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British Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to enhance the natural walking experience, with a technique that is similar to the upper body action of classic cross country skiing. It combines the simplicity and accessibility of walking with simultaneous core and upper body conditioning. Benefits of Nordic Walking include; improved posture, stronger back and abdominal muscles, reduced neck and shoulder tension and reduced impact on joints. Visit the website, to find a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor in your area and learn to Nordic Walk.

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A rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain. It integrates educational self-management and coping strategies with an exercise regime individualised for each person. It helps people understand their condition, teaches them simple things they can help themselves with, and takes them through a progressive exercise programme so they learn how to cope with pain better.

ESCAPE-pain offers two programmes:

  • ESCAPE-pain for knees and hips: designed to benefit people with chronic knee or hip pain
  • ESCAPE-pain for backs: designed to benefit people with chronic low back pain.
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FREE Joint Pain Programme

Nuffield Health

A free 12-week Joint Pain Programme embracing the idea that physical activity can manage and prevent joint pain issues. Designed by experts in physical and mental health combining education, physical activity and emotional wellbeing support. And it works… People completing the programme report a significant improvement in symptoms, an improvement in quality of life and feel better able to manage in the long term. In addition to expert advice and hands-on instruction, the programme is delivered in the Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centres across the UK in groups of up to ten people, creating a support network and helping you to achieve your goals as a team. You will receive free complete access to all facilities at the Fitness and Wellbeing Centre during the duration of the programme and a significantly discounted full membership after. For more information and how to self refer please visit their website.

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Good Boost

Good Boost supports people to manage their joint and pain condition through individually-tailored exercise programmes delivered on a phone or tablet. Good Boost is an expert team of clinicians, researchers and musculoskeletal specialists that develop artificial-intelligence powered exercise apps. Good Boost offers personalised land-exercise programmes that are generated following a 10-minute digital consultation on the Good Boost app. Good Boost also offers water-based exercise programmes in public leisure centres and swimming pools that are beneficial for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis and back pain. Good Boost’s multi-award winning service has been created to be enjoyable and inclusive to support you to ‘Move More, Have Fun and Feel Better’.

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GP/Exercise Referral

Everyone Active

Everyone Active manages 200 leisure centres nationwide, in partnership with 60 local authorities and trusts across the UK, reaching as far as Sunderland in the north to Chichester in the south, and Mid Suffolk in the east to Bristol in the south west. Everyone Active’s growth is down to its ability to deliver well-managed leisure facilities and activity services that offer great value for money.  Its aim is to increase local people’s participation in sports and leisure activities by advocating that all adults achieve a minimum of 30 minutes exercise five times per week. They offer an Exercise Referral scheme to people living with long term health conditions, such as arthritis to help increase physical activity levels and improve health and wellbeing. To find a centre near you, select Centre Finder via their homepage.

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Move it or Lose it

A national company motivating thousands of people to keep active in later life and have a vast network of instructors who deliver exercise classes to older people across the UK, every week. They developed an online exercise club helping people to stay active, busy and connected all from the comfort of their own homes and have a range of award-winning fitness products such as DVDs and resistance bands for a home workout.

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One You

Public Health England

Making better choices today can have a big impact on your health. One You is here to help you get healthier and feel better with free tips, tools and support. Whether it’s moving more, eating more healthily or checking yourself – One You can help you make small, practical changes that fit in with your life.

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A not-for-profit organisation which brings together an association of people and groups who enjoy walking as well as other outdoor pursuits, but who also strive to protect and expand the infrastructure and places people go walking. They aimto protect the ability of people to enjoy the sense of freedom and benefits that come from being outdoors on foot. Ramblers promote walking for pleasure, health and leisure to everyone, of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, in towns and cities as well as in the countryside.

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Ramblers Wellbeing Walks


Ramblers Wellbeing Walks groups are found all over England and there should be some within easy reach of where you live.

All our short group walks are led by an experienced Ramblers Wellbeing Walks leader along tried-and-tested, easy to reach routes. Because you’ll be walking with others, you’ll feel safe, be supported, and have fun along the way. And everyone stays together, so you don’t need to worry about being left behind. We’re a friendly bunch too and you’ll get the warmest of welcomes.

Simply enter your location or postcode above to find a group nearby.

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Stronger My Way

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Stronger My Way is a campaign launched by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy designed to help people living with a health condition practice strengthening on a more regular basis. Being stronger lets you do more, feel better and stay active.

In partnership with people living with a health condition, they’ve developed a campaign hub featuring:

  • Helpful exercise films to get started
  • Inspiring stories from people who found strengthening improved their quality of life
  • Reassuring advice from physiotherapists that strengthening is safe and beneficial with a health condition.

For more information please visit their website.

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The Community Volunteering Charity

Working with thousands of volunteers across the UK to help them discover, improve and enjoy their local green spaces and by doing so create happier and healthier communities for everyone. Whether by conserving a well-loved outdoor space, planting trees, building stiles, clearing footpaths, creating new food growing projects or bringing people together to promote social cohesion, our varied activities in both urban and rural areas connect people and green spaces to deliver lasting outcomes for both. TCV offer a range of opportunities for you to join including the Green Gym and Health Walks.

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TCV’s Green Gym

The Community Volunteering Charity

TCV’s Green Gym is group based physical activity with a purpose.  Green Gym is an engaging approach to outdoor activity, using gardening and environmental conservation to improve volunteers’ health, fitness and wellbeing while transforming local green spaces for the wider community.  The sessions are usually 3 hours and to start you do a few minutes of gentle exercise to warm up and at the end of the session to help you gently cool down and there’s a sociable tea break in the middle.

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