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Midlands Nordic Walking

Midlands Nordic Walking teaches individuals how to Nordic Walk for health and fitness. Research has shown that Nordic Walking burns 20% more calories and has a lower rate of perceived effort compared with ordinary walking. Weight is spread over 4 points of contact, so it is less painful for people with joint problems such as arthritis. The pole technique can improve posture and breathing by lifting the chest as well as increase spinal rotation. The pushing action on the pole engages the core muscles which in turn support the back. If you’ve not Nordic Walked before, click on the ‘Learn’  tab via the website homepage to find out more. If you’ve already learnt the Nordic Walking technique, click on the ‘Nordic Walk’  tab to view all session.

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Active Notts

Active Partnership

Active Notts is one of 44 Active Partnerships covering England and is part of the Active Partners Trust, a charitable trust supporting work in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire via Active Notts.

They work with partners to empower people to be active in a way that works for them and are funded by Sport England and local authorities within Nottignham. They also work clsoely with many aprtners across the voluntary sector and other statutory bodies.

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FREE Joint Pain Programme – Nottingham

Nuffield Health

A free 12-week Joint Pain Programme embracing the idea that physical activity can manage and prevent joint pain issues. Designed by experts in physical and mental health combining education, physical activity and emotional wellbeing support. And it works… People completing the programme report a significant improvement in symptoms, an improvement in quality of life and feel better able to manage in the long term. In addition to expert advice and hands-on instruction, the programme is delivered in the Nuffield Health Fitness and Wellbeing Centres across the UK in groups of up to ten people, creating a support network and helping you to achieve your goals as a team. You will receive free complete access to all facilities at the Fitness and Wellbeing Centre during the duration of the programme and a significantly discounted full membership after. For more information and how to self refer please visit their website.

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