Arthritis Action’s Activity on World Arthritis Day - Arthritis Action

Arthritis Action’s Activity on World Arthritis Day

12 October 2017

Our Activities

This World Arthritis Day, on 12th October 2017, Arthritis Action will be attending two events to mark the occasion and spread the word for self-management and what you can do for a healthier, more active you.

Our Services Development Manager and Dietitian Martin Lau and our Group and Events Officer Leah Boylan will be holding a drop-in session at the Sovereign Centre in Eastbourne. Martin and Leah will be welcoming visitors of the Sovereign Centre, one of the biggest leisure centres in the area, from 10am – 3pm. They will be there to discuss arthritis, our self-management approach, and what you can do to better manage the symptoms of your arthritis.

In the evening, Martin will be heading to Haywards Heath to present a talk to the BSL Link for Communication Group. His talk, titled ‘Dietary Management and Arthritis’ will explore how nutrition can affect arthritis as a therapeutic tool.

The BSL Link for Communication Group works with deaf and hearing impaired individuals and provides British Sign Language interpreting services to a varieties of settings. They hold monthly talks on the Sussex Deaf Forum, on each second Thursday of the month.

Aside from the campaign and social media participation, we are also holding the following group meetings this month, in honour of the occasion:

Leicester Group – 10th October

Bristol Group – 16th October

Norwich Group – 18th October

Warrington Group – 21st October

Kent Group – 23rd October

Coventry Group – 30th October

London Group – 31st October

Visit our events calendar for more dates.