Chief Medical Officer Launches Report on Health in an Ageing Society - Arthritis Action

Chief Medical Officer Launches Report on Health in an Ageing Society

21 November 2023

We welcome the Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report on Health in an Ageing Society published on 10 November 2023. The report sets out key areas that Government, the NHS and wider society need to address and makes recommendations to improve quality of life in an ageing population.

The report emphasises that more needs to be done to ensure people live full, active and independent lives for the substantial portion of their lives, rather than improving longevity.

The report says: “Chances of delaying disease and disability are substantially increased by straightforward measures individuals can take to prevent or significantly delay disease and maintain physical, mental and social activity” and “Making it easy and attractive for people to exercise throughout their lives is one of the most effective ways of maintaining independence into older age”.

Much of Arthritis Action’s work on helping people to self-manage their arthritis is already in line with the report’s central aims, maintaining a healthy diet, being active and making practical adaptations where necessary.

Arthritis Action’s involvement with the MSK Leisure Centre consortium is one example of how we actively support people with musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, to learn about physical activity, and engage in an accessible way, through local leisure centres and swimming pools.

You can read the full report here.