Professor Brain speaks in London Group meeting - Arthritis Action

Professor Brain speaks in London Group meeting

17 August 2017


On Tuesday 8th of August, Arthritis Action held its latest London Group meeting, which saw a talk by Susan Brain, Professor of Pharmacology at King’s College London, followed by a group discussion with attending Members and Arthritis Action Dietitian Martin Lau.

Professor Brain presented her recent work into arthritis and its associated pain, comprised of a collection of projects funded by Arthritis Research UK. Professor Brain talked about several ways by which scientists are hoping to develop new drugs to control the pain associated with arthritis, involving ‘TRP channels’, as well as working closely with chemists, to affect that type of pain ‘pathway’ and develop new medicines.

Arthritis Action’s London Group, organised with the help of Arthritis Action Member and volunteer Cherry White, takes place every six weeks and is an opportunity for Members and friends to come together, exchange advice and stories and hear from select speakers on interesting and relevant topics related to arthritis and self-management.

Attending Member Jennifer Mackenzie said: “Professor Susan Brain’s research was very informative in explaining the role sensory nerves play in transporting pain. It also showed how diet and exercise is important and how it affects arthritis. I’ve learnt a lot from the past talks, but the Professor’s new information was the missing piece to the puzzle. It was very good to see so many people attending the group meeting. It shows you all are doing a great job in getting the message out there. Thank you.”

We are pleased to confirm that our next speaker is Helen Sinclair, Clinical Physiologist from Westminster IAPT Service, who will be there on 19th September 2017. Both Members and friends are invited to attend, though all bookings should be made in advance by phone 0203 781 7120 or email