Survey into preferred exercise locations - Arthritis Action

Survey into preferred exercise locations

30 November 2017

The Health Innovation Network promoting the adoption of the ESCAPE-pain rehabilitation programme for knee and hip osteoarthritis, was recently awarded a grant by Sport England as part of their ‘Active Ageing’ project to target inactive adults and increase access to the programme. To achieve that they are running a survey looking into where people tend to prefer exercising, looking to identify new potential settings in which to deliver ESCAPE-pain.

We invite you to take this very brief survey of only 6 questions, aimed at adults aged 55 and over living with osteoarthritis, or any other exercise-restricting condition, which should only take three minutes to complete :

ESCAPE-pain is a 6 week rehabilitation programme for individuals with knee and hip osteoarthritis, which aims to educate participants on their condition, self-management and coping strategies as well as exercise.  Arthritis Action piloted the programme in two locations in Eastbourne and London with great success.

More about it in our news article here.