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Becoming a More Healthy Weight

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Many of us could benefit from eating a more healthy diet and from becoming a more healthy weight. Weight gain happens when we eat more calories than our body needs so the only way to lose this weight is to eat less calories than our body uses or to use up more calories by being more active. Eating less is essential for weight loss but being active can help and is very important in helping keep the weight off once it has been lost.

There are no such things as good or bad foods but it is the overall mix of energy in your food plus the variety of foods that you eat which make up a healthier or a less healthy diet.

For members of Arthritis Action we have a Registered Dietitian who can help you with information and advice on healthy eating and nutrition, as well as support you if you need some help with losing some weight.  Our Dietitian is also trained in behavioural change techniques to help you stay motivated and keep the weight off. If you are below a healthy weight for your height, our Dietitian can also help.

As a member of Arthritis Action you can have:

  • 2 free dietary or weight management consultations. These can be in person in Eastboure or London or by telephone.
  • Unlimited telephone or email access to our Registered Dietitian.