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Move Together App Launches

Woman exercising using an app

30 November 2022

Good Boost, a social enterprise that provides therapeutic exercises using technology, has launched the ‘Move Together’ app, to offer virtual, personalised exercises classes with community support.

The app has been two years in the making and was co-designed and developed by Good Boost with other Musculoskeletal (MSK) charities, including Arthritis Action. ‘Move Together’ will help people living with arthritis, MSK conditions and back pain to rediscover the joy and importance of movement.

Available to the public, the app will enable users to join virtual peer-support communities with virtual group exercise classes from the comfort of their own homes. Tailored exercises designed to support the management of joint conditions will be led by trained hosts.

The app first asks users questions about their condition, mobility and preferences and then uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create the personalised exercise plan for each participant. As people progress through the exercises, AI uses their feedback to continually adapt the exercises.

The virtual classes include a community element, to help those who need a bit extra emotional and social support so they can gain more motivation and confidence to be active.

Shantel Irwin, CEO of Arthritis Action said: “Arthritis Action is pleased to support the new Move Together app. It’s a great way to help people living with arthritis to stay active which can help to reduce pain. We love to bring people together, so we are particularly excited by the social and emotional support offered by the virtual classes.

“These classes will create a much-needed community for people who are feeling isolated by arthritis or experiencing winter blues. Being able to exercise at home will enable people to stay fit in a cost-effective way which is important during the cost-of-living crisis.”

The app will play a key role in helping people to manage their arthritis or MSK condition to help minimise the impact on the NHS. At present 20 million people in the UK live with a MSK condition, costing the NHS £5billion a year.

Ben Wilkins, CEO of Good Boost commented: “We’re passionate about creating more options for people living with joint conditions to move more and feel better. From listening to people living with MSK conditions and working with arthritis charities, we know that people are seeking options to be active at home, and seeking to gain the social and emotional support of joining a group exercise class. That’s why I’m so proud of Move Together’s virtual group concept, which allows participants to exercise from the comfort of their homes and be part of a community.”

Get the app on the Good Boost website.