#ShareToCare Video Series for Young Adults Launches Today - Arthritis Action

#ShareToCare Video Series for Young Adults Launches Today

14 June 2023

#ShareToCare, our new video series aimed at young adults with arthritis, launches today.

#ShareToCare features Cat, 24, and Tanya, 22, sharing their personal experiences of arthritis. They discuss what they’d wish they’d known during diagnosis; tips for living with arthritis when you’re young and why it can be good to talk about your experiences. Each video is less than a minute long and can be watched here.

The videos have been developed to help raise awareness of the 2.8 million people under the age of 35 living with a musculoskeletal condition in the UK today. We’ll be sharing the videos on our social channels and asking young adults to share their best tips for managing the condition.

If you’re aged between 18-40 and have arthritis, you’ll find lots of handy resources in our Young Adults Hub. You can also sign up for Arthritis & Me, our quarterly e-newsletter. for people under 40 living with arthritis.