Thrive in Your Garden - Arthritis Action

Thrive in Your Garden

7 November 2022

Arthritis Action has been involved with an exciting project with Thrive, a gardening for health charity. Thrive use gardening to bring about positive change in the lives of people living with arthritis, disabilities, or ill health.

Some of our Members and staff provided Thrive with their experience and tips for how to continue gardening if you live with arthritis. This knowledge is included on Thrive’s website to help inspire other people living with arthritis to continue gardening.

The website also contains information for how to continue gardening with a wide range of other conditions including dementia, mental health and stroke, alongside general gardening advice to get you started.

The benefits of gardening for arthritis are clear. It is a great form of exercise and at the same time helps you to enjoy time in the outdoors which benefits mental wellbeing.

The website provides very helpful and practical hints and tips on:

  • Planning, including simple stretches and getting equipment ready
  • Having the right equipment and tools to reduce pain or strain
  • Making tasks easier, including carrying, digging, weeding, sowing, watering, pruning, mowing
  • Indoor activities

The right techniques, tools and equipment and pacing can help you to continue enjoying your garden. Explore all the information on