Christmas Appeal 2021 - Arthritis Action

This year has seen even more changes to the way we live and carry on every day. While many people were able to return to some degree of ‘normality’, we’ve worked hard to reduce the social isolation felt by those living with arthritis.

Our services and Group meetings continued online throughout the pandemic, with 4 in 5 attendees reporting an improved sense of control over their arthritis. This is especially relevant at a time when more than half a million people are still waiting for elective trauma and orthopaedic surgery.

“It was the opportunity of speaking to others in a similar position that first got me interested in Arthritis Action. The charity’s Online Groups offered me a platform to interact with others who had similar lives and issues as myself. Arthritis affects everyone differently and everyone has their own stories, so I loved hearing from other people and learning what helped them.”

We continue to work very hard to raise awareness of arthritis and the impact it has on millions of people across the UK. This wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our Members, partners, volunteers, supporters and service users. It is our wonderful community who help us make a real difference for people living with arthritis across the UK.

A donation of £20 this Christmas can help us support even more people with arthritis to manage their symptoms at home.


How can I help? Please donate £20 today.

Where does my £20 go? £20 can help us continue to run our vital services for people affected by arthritis in the UK.





Thank you for supporting our work!