The Able Label’s ‘Debbie skirt’ named after Arthritis Action Trustee! - Arthritis Action

The Able Label’s ‘Debbie skirt’ named after Arthritis Action Trustee!

6 June 2017

The Able Label is a womenswear retailer which designs adaptive clothing for a variety of physical and cognitive needs, aiming to encourage dressing independence whilst maintaining style. The Able Label teamed up with volunteer models from various charities to promote its latest line of clothing. Arthritis Action’s Trustee and Member Debbie Breakspear volunteered to model the clothes and impressed the clothing designers, who named one of their skirts after her.

Katie Ellis, Founder and Director of The Able Label, said:

“We had a group of brave volunteer models who put their names forward through various charities, including Arthritis Action. All of the volunteers were beautiful women who refuse to let life’s obstacles get in their way, a true inspiration. Arthritis Action’s member and trustee Deborah (Debbie) Breakspear boldly put herself forward for the role. It was fantastic to see Debbie’s confidence blossom throughout the photoshoot. She looked so fabulous in the skirt, we felt it only fitting to name it after her.”

The ‘Debbie’ Jersey Wrap Skirt features adapted fastenings to make dressing easier for people with movement restrictions, such as that caused by arthritis. The ‘Debbie’ skirt is now one of the retailer’s best-selling lines. See the full range of clothes at or call 01622 744242 to request a copy of the catalogue.