New Group launch in Warrington - Arthritis Action

New Group launch in Warrington

10 July 2017

Arthritis Action will launch a new education and support group in Warrington for people with arthritis on 22nd July to commemorate Disability Awareness Day on 16th July. The meeting will bring together people living with all forms of arthritis who will hear from Arthritis Action member and GB Paralympian archer Leigh Walmsley, who will explain how adaptive techniques can help people with arthritis to take part in sports.

Leigh Walmsley says:

“I’m very excited to be leading Arthritis Action’s Group in Warrington. I believe Groups are so important as people with arthritis can never have enough support, and if Groups give people a reason to get out and take control of their arthritis, then it’s a win-win situation! Anything that helps people not feel isolated or alone is really beneficial not just physically, but mentally as well. We’re always better together!”

Arthritis Action’s Groups offer people with arthritis a platform to meet others, share their stories, questions and tips on living with arthritis, whilst helping them to overcome the physical and emotional problems associated with the condition to improve their quality of life. Arthritis Action already runs Groups in London, Bury St Edmunds, Bristol, Norwich, Staines, Eastbourne, Ferndown, Coventry, and Leicester.

Shantel Irwin, Chief Executive of Arthritis Action, says:

“Around 10 million people in the UK live with arthritis. It is the leading cause of pain and disability nationwide. We are delighted to launch a new Group in Warrington to bring people with arthritis in the area together to discuss their feelings and the impact that arthritis has had on their lives. We hope to continue to empower people with arthritis in the UK to better manage the physical and emotional pain associated with the condition and to help them lead a fuller, more active life.”

People with arthritis living in Warrington and in neighbouring areas can register their interest in joining the Group by email to or telephone: 020 3781 7120.