New Work and Arthritis Web Resource - Arthritis Action

New Work and Arthritis Web Resource

25 January 2024

We are pleased to announce a new dedicated web area for everything employment-related, on our new Work and Arthritis page.

The new resource includes our Guide for Employers’ Factsheet (opens pdf), the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive around employment, wellbeing advice for employees, and information on applying for further support and benefits.

Interim Head of Communications and Policy, Despina Koniordou said “As retirement age is pushed back, many people financially need to work longer, and more are diagnosed with arthritis, we recognise the challenges this brings in the workplace to both employers and employees. As an organisation that supports self-management of the condition, we wanted to ensure there is easily accessible information in one place so that people with arthritis can get the most out of their working lives with their employer’s support”.