Festive Celery and Salmon Canapés

SERVES: 38-40 Pieces


350g Celery sticks
100g Smoked salmon
100ml Sour cream
Fresh dill and freshly cracked black pepper. to garnish

Half a lemon, halved and sliced into moon crescents

Recipe Summary

During the festive season it can be tricky picking healthy recipes for starters and canapés, to entertain your guests. Our Dietitian Martin has put this recipe together with this in mind, to help you offer a delicious recipe that remains healthy and full of fresh ingredients, to make your dinner party shine!


As we will be presenting the celery as a base for our canapés, we must first wash the celery sticks and dry with a paper towel. Arrange the celery sticks curve side up, and spoon the sour cream on the the crevice of each stick.

Next, we will cut the smoked salmon in small strips and roll up each strip into a little circle, arranging on the sour cream-stuffed celery. You should have around four rolls of salmon per stick, making sure they are spaced out a little. Once you have arranged all the salmon on the  celery, use a sharp knife and slice the celery so you have bite-sized pieces with a round of salmon in the middle of each piece.

Now you have your bite-sized canapés, tear a bit of dill and place a sprig on top of each salmon roll on each piece. Arrange on a plate, next to the slices of lemon, and crack some fresh black pepper, or sprinkle over some ready-ground pepper if easier, ready for your guests to tuck in!