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Reducing Sugar and Fat


Sugary foods such as cakes and biscuits often also contain a lot of fat and so have a lot of calories. By reducing the amount of sugar in your diet, you can often also reduce the amount of fat too.

How can I reduce sugar in my diet?

  • Switch from sweetened to unsweetened drinks and don’t drink too much fruit juice
  • Choose cereals without added sugar and put a sliced banana or apple on top rather than sugar
  • Try to reduce the amount of sugar you use in cooking. This works well except for jam and sugar-based cakes. Try dried fruit, cinnamon or cloves for a sweeter flavour rather than sugar
  • Reduce the amount of cakes, biscuits and pastries that you eat or switch to teacakes or fruit loaf
  • Switch your mid-morning snack to a piece of fresh or a handful of dried fruit
  • Swap pudding for fruit or yoghurt

How can I reduce the amount of fat in my diet?

  • Switch from butter or margarine to low fat spreads
  • Grill food rather than frying or roasting
  • Choose large straight cut chips rather than crinkle cut or French fries which soak up more oil
  • If roasting potatoes, cut the pieces larger to reduce the amount of fat they soak up
  • Choose lower fat sausages and back bacon rather than streaky – look at the labels
  • Avoid creamy takeaway curries and switch to drier types
  • Choose low fat frozen yoghurt rather than ice cream
  • Swap crisps for a small handful of unsalted nuts or buy smaller sized packets of crisps
  • Adding flavours such as vanilla and nut flavourings can add a buttery flavour to cakes and allow the amount of butter to be reduced
  • Grate cheese rather than slicing to make the cheese go further
  • Choose sandwiches with lower fat mayonnaise
  • Swap full-fat Greek yoghurt for lower fat varieties
  • Try baked beans with jacket potato rather than butter