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Gifts in Wills

Are you considering leaving a gift in your Will, after you have looked after your family and loved ones? Arthritis Action uses legacy income to help more people manage their life with arthritis.

Arthritis Action welcomes gifts of any value. As well as leaving money in your Will, you can choose to leave an item, such as a painting or piece of jewellery.

Why have a written Will?

A written Will makes it easier for your loved ones to know what your wishes are, when the time comes. Your family and friends will know who should have your property, money and any other possessions.

It is highly recommended to use a solicitor to draft a Will so that it is legally binding. Without a legally binding, formally written Will, your estate will be divided according to the law and this might not be what you had in mind.

You can learn more about Will-writing and leaving a gift in your Will by requesting our free legacy guide.

Legacy Guide

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Arthritis Action is a member of Remember a Charity, an organisation that raises awareness of giving through Wills. Being part of Remember a Charity gives our supporters a 20% discount on Co-op’s online Will-writing service. If you would like to register, this will be followed-up by a phone call from one of their legal experts, who will explain the benefits of using the service.

I think Arthritis Action is a worthwhile charity to support, as it doesn’t just look at the disease, but the person behind it. The information available covers every aspect of being an Arthritis sufferer. Diet and exercise are given importance, with a section on the website for recipes and exercises. This has been a great help to myself and I’m sure to others too.

If you need any help at all, whichever type of Arthritis you have, Arthritis Action will do all they can to help you. From personal support to various types of therapy. Your care and advice will be tailored to suit your individual needs. Becoming a member of this wonderful charity could change your life for the better.

Because of these reasons I have donated to Arthritis Action to reach even more people with arthritis.

Kathleen, Nottingham

Other ways you can help…

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