7 Reasons to Choose our Programme

one Our programme helps you to adapt your lifestyle so that you can better manage your arthritis. Lifestyle can make a difference for all people with arthritis, whether or not you are also having medical treatment.

two We have developed and will continue to update our programme to reflect the best available research evidence about what works best for people with arthritis.

three We are the only UK charity offering direct help with an eating plan and hands-on physical therapy tailored to your individual needs.

four You can phone or email our qualified staff if you have any questions about your diet or physical therapy needs.

five We have developed a library of recipes based on our recommended Conquest Diet so that you can enjoy meals that are tasty and that you know are also good for you.

six You can keep in touch with other members through the Member’s Area of our website and can share with them what works well for you and what can cause you problems.

seven You can enjoy all this for a fraction of its true cost due to the generosity of people who have remembered us in their Will and who have wanted to help people with arthritis enjoy a more active life with less pain.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of becoming a member of the Arthritic Association with details on how to join click join.