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Working From Home

David Vaux, Arthritis Action Therapies Manager and Exercise Lead, has put together some simple tips to keep your joints and muscles more mobile, with useful stretches and strategies to help those of us who are working from home to keep our body active.

Moving and stretching are the most effective activities we can do to reduce any joint stiffness and pain. We have set out some simple advice below on how to stay more active while working from home.

  • There’s no one size fits all. Give a few things a go and incorporate what works well for you.
  • The optimal working position is an ever-changing one. Try not to spend too long working in one place or position.
  • Try propping your PC /laptop on a box or books and try standing for an hour then sitting. Or consider an adjustable desk.
  • Take lots of micro breaks to keep moving throughout the day.
  • Set yourself short goals or targets, and always get up at allotted times to move.
  • If you have meetings or phone calls, consider moving as you have them. Movement helps our brain function, and improves productivity.
  • If you can do so, walk around the house or garden for 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t matter what you do, just move and get some blood flowing around your body.


Exercising From Home

Try our chair-based exercises to prevent your joints feeling stiff or painful while working at a desk for long periods.

Our Top Stretches page also sets out some simple advice on how you can keep your body more active while working from home.