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World Arthritis Day

We are raising awareness during the week surrounding 12 October, World Arthritis Day. This year we raise awareness, provide resources, and highlight the impact arthritis can have on mental health, employment, and daily life.


Impact of arthritis on mental health

Our 2022 YouGov report has highlighted a profound impact of arthritis on various facets of peoples’ lives, including mental health, employment and ability to work. Some of the highlights from the report include:

  1. Over 60% of people with arthritis report feeling depressed, when their pain is at its worst.
  2. Mental wellbeing has declined in people of working age with arthritis. Only one in six report good mental health, compared to one in four in 2018.
  3. Half of people with arthritis in work report hey are concerned about the impact their arthritis could have on their work.
  4. One in four people of working age have endured pain for over five years, before receiving a diagnosis.
  5. Four in five have found techniques like exercising, pacing and health eating helpful in managing their arthritis.


Working with arthritis

You can find more information around what your employer can do to support you on our Work and Arthritis webpage.

You can watch our latest video on disability benefits which may apply to you below:



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