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University and Arthritis

Like all young adults, people with arthritis want to be like everyone else and lead a normal life.



If you are going away to university, you will need to register with a local GP to be able to carry on the medication that your GP prescribes. Make this a priority as soon as you move, to avoid delays in receiving treatment.

It can be useful to have copies of your hospital clinic letters. Bring  these with you to university in case you need some medicines in an emergency, or to make sure the new medical team has all your information down correctly.

Remember, you can always speak to your university welfare team if you are finding a flare-up difficult. They will be able to support you at a time away from familiarity and away from home, and may be able to help you make adjustments if it you find it impacts your studies.



Once you leave university and begin your first job, you may think that your health is your own business and that no one else should know. However, employers have a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments to help people with a potential disability at work. It can sometimes be useful to tell an employer that you have arthritis, so that they can make adjustments to your working timetable, your workplace, or let you have time off to attend hospital appointments. You don’t have to tell them that you have arthritis, but many employees will be glad that you did.

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