Virtual Groups - Arthritis Action

We are running a number of ‘Virtual Groups’ for anyone who wants to attend one of our useful Group meetings but cannot physically attend one. With Virtual Groups offering an innovative way to help you self-manage the symptoms of arthritis, we know you may have some questions on how these will work.

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Virtual Groups below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I attend a Virtual Group?

Our Groups offer a great way to swap hints, tips and experiences with others who understand the impact arthritis can have on your daily life.

The meetings focus on discussion around topics related to the self-management of arthritis from eating well to mental health. Specialist speakers are also invited to share information about local services and referral pathways.

We know that attending our Group meetings can be difficult for some people, who may be based outside of a city or find it difficult to travel. Our Virtual Groups take place over the internet, and can be joined from the comfort of your own home.


Where are the Virtual Groups held?

The Virtual Groups will be held over the internet, rather than in a physical place. Think of it just like dialing into a phone call, but using your computer, iPad or smartphone.

This means that you will be able to join the Virtual Group from your own home.


When are the Virtual Groups taking place?

Dates for Virtual Groups will be announced in Spring 2020.


How do I sign up to a Virtual Group?

To join a Virtual Group, please email or telephone 020 3781 7120 for information on how to join the Group on the day.

Please note that you will need to sign up to each Group session before it happens.


How do I join the Virtual Group on the day?

More information on how to join the Virtual Groups on the day of the meetings will be coming in the near future.


What do I need?

All you need to join our Virtual Groups is an internet connection, and a way of accessing your emails so that you can open the website link we send you. This could be either a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet such as an iPad.


Can I join from anywhere?

Yes. As long as you have access to the internet and a good connection, you will be able to join our Virtual Group from anywhere.


Can I join in with the conversation during a Virtual Group, or can I only listen?

If you are joining by smartphone or tablet, or if you have a microphone built into your computer, you can join in with a Virtual Group by talking. All other members of that Virtual Group will then be able to hear you. This allows you to chat with other Virtual Group attendees and share your own experiences, tips and advice.

If you don’t want to speak and would rather just listen to others, that’s fine too. There is no wrong way of enjoying the Virtual Groups!


I don’t have Arthritis, but I care for someone who does. Can I attend?

Absolutely – our Groups are open to anyone who want to learn more about the self-management of arthritis. Meetings are a great way for people to share their experiences with others who understand the impact arthritis can have.


My arthritis isn’t very painful right now. Should I not attend?

We think that our Groups are a great place to learn more about arthritis and self-managing your symptoms, even if your symptoms aren’t bad at the moment. You may learn some techniques at the Groups that you can then practice in the future, if your symptoms do get worse.


Are the Virtual Groups recorded for me to listen to again later?

No, Virtual Groups are not recorded. We believe this allows attendees can speak openly with each other, just like you would in person or during a phone call.


I have another question. Can you help?

Yes! If you email or telephone 020 3781 7120, then we will help answering any further questions you may have around our new Virtual Groups.