Thank you for helping our 2.6 Challenge! - Arthritis Action

Thank you for helping our 2.6 Challenge!

29 May 2020

The Arthritis Action team has completed the 2.6 Challenge, a campaign launched to raise vital funds to help support UK charities. With your help, we have now raised over £,1000 including Gift Aid, which will go towards improving the quality of life of people living with arthritis. We want to share a huge thank you to everyone who supported our efforts, whether through donating to our Just Giving page, liking us on social media, or just keeping up to date with our progress online.

Over the past 26 days, team members have been busy running individual fundraising tasks to help raise money for Arthritis Action, as part of the joint challenge.

Learn about the fundraisers:

  • Arthritis Action CEO Shantel Irwin literally sang from the rooftops for 26 seconds
  • Our Trustee Greg Allen cycled 26km three times, over a weekend
  • Director of Marketing and Communications Noha Al Afifi whipped up a meal and frosted cupcakes in 26 minutes
  • Services Development Manager Sarah Gudgin baked 26 delicious cakes, biscuits and treats with the help of her co-baker ‘Mumma Lynn’
  • Membership & Office Coordinator Alison Lloyd showed her creativity by making 26 toilet roll ‘creations’ – including wedding cakes, sheep and meringues, to name just a few
  • Member Services Manager Terry Urbanczyk told a cheesy joke a day for 26 days
  • Fundraising Manager Iza Seabrook offered 26 of her professionally taken images for a £2.60 donation each
  • Services Development Manager & Dietitian Martin Lau lifted a staggering 26kg, made up of household objects, for 26 reps

The 2.6 Challenge launched on Sunday 26 April, the original date for the 40th London Marathon which was postponed due to COVID-19. It offered people an open, fun way to fundraise for charities even during the lockdown.

If you would still like to donate to help us improve the lives of people living with arthritis, you can still donate on our Just Giving page. Or for more inspiring ideas of how you can help fundraise, visit our Fundraising Ideas page.