Sponsored Events


There are various sponsored sporting events taking place each year, which help raise money for charity. We have a selection of options available, whether you are starting out, or a seasoned runner or cyclist. You will also receive an Arthritis Action running vest to wear on the day.

To sign-up for an event, visit Run for Charity.


Meet our fundraisers…


Three Peaks Challenge, Yorkshire –  Andrew 

As I have discovered, arthritis is extremely painful. Once I started sharing my experience with others, I understood how it debilitates people’s lives and how personally it strikes.

I am walking the three peaks for the first time since being diagnosed with arthritis in my knees. I have recently lost weight, relieving some of the painful symptoms. It will be good to visit Yorkshire once again, as this is simply one of my favourite areas and is a test of fitness for myself.  I really want to remain active even with this disease.

The organisation is at the forefront of fundraising, awareness and arthritis support.  I know if hard earned money is raised, then it will be well invested.



Brighton Marathon – Chris

Despite being weary of such a long run, this year I’ve decided to run the Brighton Marathon! I believe arthritis is very underrepresented, yet affects people in every aspect of their daily life. My step father-in-law has quite severe arthritis, yet pulls through and still takes himself off to work every single day, by managing his symptoms. I’ve chosen to run for Arthritis Action, a charity that promotes self-management techniques, and educates people on how to look after themselves.

Arthritis affects over 10 million people in the UK, so supporting the Charity can help a lot of people. You never know, I may very well require help too, once I’ve completed the run!



Manchester Marathon –  Jade 

Once I signed up to the marathon and started to increase my mileage, I thought that as this might be my only marathon, I’d like to raise money for a charity. A few came to mind but having a mother who has increasing issues with arthritis pain I looked into charities supporting arthritis. I also want a charity that was cruelty free so I did my research and found Arthritis Action. Not only are they cruelty free they also help people to live an active life and that’s what I want for my mum.

Once she was diagnosed, she was given immediate care and she now has it under control. She still has days when she suffers a lot of pain and struggles to do the simplest tasks, but she’s brave and strong and she’s my mum that’s why I want to do anything I can to support her. That’s why I chose Arthritis Action!



Edinburgh Marathon – Sandra

I ran the Edinburgh Marathon on 26th May 2019 in memory of my mum Hazel Underwood, who suffered with osteoarthritis from her 50s. I saw how much it affected her life.

Now I’m in my early 60s and having discovered a love for running last year, I thought I would challenge myself and raise some money for Arthritis Action. Arthritis Action provide both physical and mental support in the form of self-help fact sheets, videos and events.  




London Marathon 2016 – Thomas

I’m pleased to have been Arthritis Action’s first ever London Marathon runner and to have raised over £2,000 to help them support more people with arthritis across the nation.

It seemed very apt for me personally to run the 2016 London Marathon in aid of Arthritis Action. Arthritis isn’t as “glamorous” perhaps as some other causes, and I mean no disrespect by that, but it has a big impact on people’s lives across any age range.

Arthritis Action have been very informative and helpful, facilitating physical therapies and access to a dietitian. Moreover, being educated on arthritis was critical to improving my condition. This type of education and support is what they focus on – teaching people with arthritis how to manage pain and live fuller lives.

Other ways you can help…

Visit our Fundraising Pages, for more ideas of how you can help our work.