80th Anniversary - Arthritis Action

80th Anniversary

Arthritis Action marks 80 years of supporting communities affected by arthritis in the UK.


We were founded in 1942 by Charles De Coti-Marsh who developed a self-help programme, based on a combination of diet and physical therapy. The Charity became a registered charity in 1985. Our fundamental aims remain the same as it was 80 years ago – to help reduce arthritis symptoms and help people enjoy a more active life with increased energy. To do this, we’re continuing to build on our founder’s understanding of the importance of lifestyle for people with arthritis by developing the programme in line with the best available scientific evidence.

To commemorate our 80th anniversary, we are introducing a year-long campaign recognising our Members, partners, volunteers, supporters and organisations who have generously supported us and made us the charity we are today. It is our wonderful community who help us make a real difference for people living with arthritis across the UK.

Look out for the following activities over the next few months:

    • Don’t miss our challenge launch event #Kickupschallenge
    • Our talented Corporate Partnerships Manager Victoria Clarke will be commissioned to draw 80 Portraits over the next twelve months
    • 80 Faces Campaign #80Years 
    • We will be launching a much-anticipated report developed with YouGov, looking at the state of play and needs of people currently living with arthritis in Great Britain
    • 80 Miles‘ walking challenge with our Dietitian and Services Development Manager Martin Lau


Check back here for more exciting events and activities, or get involved! You can drop us a line at fundraising@arthritisaction.org.uk.

If you are representing an organisation and would like to sponsor our campaign, please get in touch with us today at victoria@arthritisaction.org.uk.
You can find out more about corporate opportunities here.


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